The fetal doppler is a non-invasive diagnostic device used to detect and measure the fetal heart rate which allows to evaluate fetal wellbeing. Reports shows that over 78% women are worried about their baby’s health during pregnancy. The possibility to check if everything is allright with the baby whenever possible will give a peace of mind and relief from worrying.

Belly Bean is advanced project of new generation fetal dopppler connected with app and adjusted packaging. Belly Bean is ergonomic and intuitive. New technology provides wireless integration with smartfon which aims to increase comfort of use and adds the new features and services like heart rate analysis and personalized recomendations or data transmision to medical care units, which allows to support and care for baby and the mother from the distance.


Report says that over 78% of pregnant women are worried about thier babys health during pregnancy. The device should help to achieve calmness and it is the main reason that shape of the device have friendly appearance and communicates tranquility.


Prototypes was made to achieve the most satysfying and ergonomic result. The device is comfortable and it is adapted to the hand shape.


Device is connected wirelessly to the smartphone. Via app user can see the result of heartbeat measurement, share the informations with friends and family or contact the medical care if any worries occur.

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